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TVA Podcast 192: Allison Dore

This week we welcome Allison Dore! Join Todd, Allison, Darcy, and Ian as we prattle on about: - Life in Ottawa - The art of sibling rivalry - A whole host of things I should have written down after we talked about them but since we recorded this two...

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TVA Podcast 191: Dave Paterson

This week we welcome Dave Paterson! Join Todd, Dave, Darcy, and Ian as we prattle on about: - The art of a nice haircut - Hockey with the oldies - The trials of moving Soapbox Topic: Should Dawn take public awareness out of their way? Don't feel like downloading every week?...

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TVA Radio Replay (2010.04.30)

This week, Mike Reid and I talk about among all things, the KFC DoubleDown and speaking of down, Jenna Jameson makes the headlines on 98.9 The Drive FM as well as a great lead in for John Hastings on the TVA Podcast! Thanks for listening! RSS ...

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