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Flamin’ Gala-hs

Yesterday got on the train and found my way into the city. I’m about 45 mins out by train door-to-door so that’s dandy. Found a couple of good things to know. Outside the train station, the closest bar/pub/restaurant called the Half Moon...

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Butlin in Big Bru-Ha-Ha

Hey, all. This came to me from James Butlin (some of you may know this comic). He was producing a show at York for the Osgood Law School and this made front page, apparently, showing that a) James hasn't changed a bit, and b) lawyers wouldn't...

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First Comic Sitting

Firstly, a bit of housekeeping. Thanks to Darcy's efforts (my web guy and co-host of the TVA podcast) we are now listed on the Canadian Postcast Buffet. It's a neat little site hosted by Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche, so tons of fun....

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