Butlin in Big Bru-Ha-Ha

Butlin in Big Bru-Ha-Ha

Hey, all.

This came to me from James Butlin (some of you may know this comic). He was producing a show at York for the Osgood Law School and this made front page, apparently, showing that a) James hasn’t changed a bit, and b) lawyers wouldn’t know a joke if it came as part of an affidavit. I’ve posted this on www.torontocomedy.com and find it pretty funny. Not funny in the “James got exactly what he had coming” but “Oh, my god. We’ve apparently lost all sense of humour in some circles.” Add to this that, as James points out, they’re lawyers who apparently can’t laugh at themselves.

As for the woman who was eleged to have performed the act in question and now can’t come to school because of the sketch where her name wasn’t mentioned anyway…why’d you give a hummer for the environment in the first place?

I now await the cease & desist order for the following.



Hey TVA –

Thought you’d find this interesting. I’m currently embroiled in a level 9 shitstorm up at Osgoode over the sketch comedy show I produced. Here’s a link to the York Excalibur’s front-page, yes FRONT-PAGE!, article about it headlined “Producer Shows No Concern Over Mysogyny”! Apparently I hate women I guess, I don’t know.

I’m in a formal complaint process with the Dean’s office and everything. It’s ridiculous. Thought you’d like to know what happens when you try to perform comedy for law students. Never take a gig at a law school I’m telling you… never.


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