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Comedy Above The Pub is Up and Running!

Hey, all. We're now into our third episode of the new Comedy Above the Pub podcast and we couldn't be happier with the results. Check out the following episodes! - Ep. 3 w/ new Sketcherson Ian MacIntyre - Ep. 2 w/ funny lady Debra DiGiovanni - Ep. -...

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TVA Radio Replay – Now 50% Fewer Calories

So, we’ve been a bit delinquent in the creation of the TVA Radio Replay, and there have been a few reasons that I should let you know about. Firstly, the holidays, business, and scheduling have made it difficult to get the thing out there. All my fault, but hey, it happens. Thankfully, since the New Year, Mike has been good about keeping me honest and we continue to bring out a little drive-home funny.

Quick Video Promo

Hey, guys. Here's a quick video we put together promoting the charity shows in January and February at McVeigh's. Come on down! ...

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Movember Spawned A Monster

The philanthropy continues, but this time, I'm doing it for the lads. I'm growing a moustache. I'm going to take part in Movember in with a few of my comic friends like Kristian Reimer. He's long been doing it and now I...

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