TVA Radio Replay – Now 50% Fewer Calories

TVA Radio Replay – Now 50% Fewer Calories

So, we’ve been a bit delinquent in the creation of the TVA Radio Replay, and there have been a few reasons that I should let you know about. Firstly, the holidays, business, and scheduling have made it difficult to get the thing out there. All my fault, but hey, it happens. Thankfully, since the New Year, Mike has been good about keeping me honest and we continue to bring out a little drive-home funny.

Now, recently, even through the spotty delivery, you may have noticed that we’ve had some issues with the BOB-FM spots. It’s not just me, folks. Ali, Chris, and The Lock were mandated recently to start from scratch with the elements of their morning show, and that included regular spots like mine. Completely understand. Change happens and I thank them for the opportunity they gave me.

It was great talking to the Bob’s Breakfast crew every week and try out what became more and more radio plays than anything else. It stretched me into directions beyond straight stand-up and more into radio sketch comedy. Over the course of the shows, I was able to yell at Canadians shopping in the US, been beaten up by numerous security guards, and done several “Pardon the TVA” segments that forced me to do 30 seconds of funny based on headlines that they threw me not 24 hours previously. I’ll always have the recordings of the shows and, again, thanks for the opportunity. Truly appreciate it, and the phone’s always on the hook if you need more spots in the future.

With that in mind, I’ve got one of the segments I had the opportunity to record live in the BOB studios in Brockville. This is a fake game show piece we did for Fathers’ Day called “Who’s Your Daddy?” and can be found HERE on my new “Voice” page on my website.

Thanks again, all at BOB-FM! Good luck with the new gear for the New Year!

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