Movember Spawned A Monster

Movember Spawned A Monster

The philanthropy continues, but this time, I’m doing it for the lads. I’m growing a moustache. I’m going to take part in Movember in with a few of my comic friends like Kristian Reimer. He’s long been doing it and now I figure it’s about time that I begin my next adventure into facial hair. However, this year, it was my friend Frank that got his group out early and asked me to join his efforts. So I decided to do just that. So, why the ‘stache?

Some time ago (hazy on the details, but you know how to google), some folks thought they would raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research by growing a moustache during the month of November. Thus, “Movember” was born. And really, what the hay. Why not try to grow a moustache for charity? It’s a month of your time and it’s a good cause.

But a couple of things occur to me. One being the style of moustache to grow. There’s lists out there that provide suggestions but I don’t know which one to go with. One thing is for sure, you have to start with the ‘more-real-estate-taken’ moustache and then you can pare back. So handlebars to start. Gottit. Secondly, there’s also the off-chance that, and this is like Maple-Leafs-success chance, well, what if the thing looks good? Am I now stuck with a ‘stache? Does Bobby Mair get to maintain his claim that I’m the Ned Flanders of comedy? Better fire up the green sweaters if the push broom looks good on the noggin.

Here’s the link to my donation page, so feel free to join in the jocularity. I’ll also try to update my progress pictures on a regular basis.

Watch this space to see how gay this moustache starts to look.

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