Two New Episodes and Sponsorship!

Two New Episodes and Sponsorship!

So, we’ve gone and put out a few new episodes of COMEDY ABOVE THE PUB that are quite hilarious, if I do say so myself. Based on the response, thankfully it looks like I don’t.

In episode 2, we’ve brought in booker for the Montreal Zoe Randall and comic Tim Rabnett as well. We talk what about the ins-and-outs of booking the world’s most famous comedy festival.

In the most recent episode, we welcome voice actor and funny man Christian Potenza who takes us through what it’s like being not just a successful toothbrush, or having the Toronto Rock beat up guys for you, but what life as host on “Total Drama” is like.

Also, we’ve got sponsorship through! You can get your free audiobook as well by CLICKING THIS LINK!


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