Honoured by Their Presence, and Live Show!

Honoured by Their Presence, and Live Show!

So, since we last talked, we’ve had the following happen:

We had some outtakes available from the Jason Deline episode
David Pryde slid by in a moose shirt from Europe
His Honour the former mayor of Toronto Mayor Miller slid by for a chat
– I hosted at Absolute Comedy for the very funny Jamie Lissow

What’s up this week? Well, more podcastery to be announced, and I’ll be co-headlining at Absolute Comedy in Toronto with the lovely and talented Carrie Gaetz! Check out the schedule on the left side of the web page to come see us!

I’d also like to thank Audible.com for offering you the listener a free ListenBook by taking their 14-day free trial. Simply go to ComedyAboveThePub.com and click on “Get a Free Book”.

Make sure that you check out all the episodes and also leave us a review on iTunes. We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks, all!

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