Far-From-Weak Birthday Week

Far-From-Weak Birthday Week

Yesterday was my birthday. I celebrated 46 years on this planet by driving to Toronto from Ottawa and eating large amounts of small-town pizza from Greko’s in Gananoque. For those of you not in the know, Grekos, in spite of having a fantastic website make a slice of pizza that is loads of crust, cheese and heart-attack creating stomach fun. Okay, they’ve got a new one.

But my birthday was just that…a day. Some people decree they are having a “Birthday Week” in order to hide their day-drinking. Others will announce they are having a “BIRTHDAY MONTH!” These are the people in the office that show you pictures of their pets in costumes, demand mandatory participation in Karaoke, and refer to Tim Hortons as “Timmy Ho-Hos” during the Christmas season. Only.

I just wanted a day to celebrate my birthday, not a cluster of them. However, the entire week leading up to it, turned out to be wicked great. Here’s why:

* I worked for the entire weekend hosting at Absolute Comedy in Ottawa where I got to work with two of my absolute favourite comics of all time, David Acer and DJ Demers. Always brilliant watching these guys work and a privilege to bring them to the stage. Always. Also being able to perform in front of my friends and family in Ottawa that I don’t see often is always a treat.
* Over the course of two Pro-Am shows and a regular Monday show at the Tartan Pub & Grill in Orleans, ON, I was reminded how strong the growing amateur comedy scene is in Ottawa. Keep an eye on the young ‘uns. They’re pretty wicked good.
* I received a call that I’ll be performing at “Best of Absolute Comedy” show in Toronto at Absolute Comedy on Saturday, Oct 3, 2015 @ 8:00pm as part of #JFL42
* Sometime while I was on-stage Saturday, the wonderful podcast “Never Not Funny” hosted by Jimmy Pardo released
the episode I was on with Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and I still can’t believe that I get to type that.
* I received word that I’ll be at Absolute Comedy in Kingston on New Year’s Eve working with my great friend, comedian and pornographic towel folder Jason Blanchard
* On my actual birthday, my phone got birthday greeting explosive diarrhea. Thanks to everyone. You are truly great.

With weeks like this, it’s okay getting old. That said, before lunch my mom dropped on me that my brother and I were the only two people to have ever heard her heartbeat from the inside. Welp, that undoes all that, then. Crappy birthday to me.

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