Far-From-Weak Birthday Week

Yesterday was my birthday. I celebrated 46 years on this planet by driving to Toronto from Ottawa and eating large amounts of small-town pizza from Greko’s in Gananoque. For those of you not in the know, Grekos, in spite of having a fantastic website make a slice of pizza that is loads of crust, cheese and heart-attack creating stomach fun. Okay, they’ve got a new one.

But my birthday was just that…a day. Some people decree they are having a “Birthday Week” in order to hide their day-drinking. Others will announce they are having a “BIRTHDAY MONTH!” These are the people in the office that show you pictures of their pets in costumes, demand mandatory participation in Karaoke, and refer to Tim Hortons as “Timmy Ho-Hos” during the Christmas season. Only.

I just wanted a day to celebrate my birthday, not a cluster of them. However, the entire week leading up to it, turned out to be wicked great. Here’s why:

Doing It Clean

This has been kicking around in my mind for a couple of weeks so I thought I’d put some words out there on this.

Recently I did a couple of what was described to me as “needing to be squeaky clean corporate comedy” shows. Suddenly I pictured a room full of my grandmother, her friends, and members of the Sunday School Teachers Union Local #79. Not the case. One was at a full-on theatre with balcony in a small town. The other was under a tent at a blueberry farm.