TVA Radio Replay (2010.12.20)

TVA Radio Replay (2010.12.20)

This is the last Drive spot of the year with Mike Reid on 98.9 The Drive. We talk about winter snow, breakups, and take a wikileak.

As well, long time friend of the podcast KEVIN BRAUCH who has taken time away from Iron Chef America to join us. He’s on the latest hilarious episode of Comedy Above The Pub.

Also, while we’re at it, we’ve had a few great episodes of the Comedy Above the Pub show. Check out the episodes with Carolyn Bennett, Christina Walkinshaw, Cash Cab Canada’s Adam Growe, Kristeen Von Hagen, host of CBC’s “The Debaters” Steve Patterson as well as Nikki Payne and long-time friend of the show Derek Forgie

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