TVA Podcast – Welcome to the “Comedy Above The Pub” podcast!

TVA Podcast – Welcome to the “Comedy Above The Pub” podcast!



Hey, all.

Firstly, we ended the podcast. After 201 episodes, it’s time to let this evolve to the next stage. After letting this thing run ahead of us, we’ve decided to take the initiative and change things ourselves. We hope that it will be for the better, and we hope that you’ll join us.

The new podcast will be “Comedy Above the Pub” and we will be doing a similar style of show focusing as always on comedy, but bringing in other guests that may not be comedians themselves, but are in fact funny. You’ve been with us through many laughs and we hope that you join us in this new endeavour.

We look forward to bringing you a weekly show once again and we hope that you’ll let us know what you think and become part of the conversation. We can’t wait to talk to you once again.

Thanks for listening!
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