TVA Podcast 175: Aaron Berg

TVA Podcast 175: Aaron Berg


Welcome to episode #175 of the TVA Podcast.

In this week’s episode, we welcome Aaron Berg!

Join tva, Aaron, and Darcy we talk about:

– Jews

Okay, we also talked about:

– How I thought I was talking to this Aaron Berg
– Life inside Boondock Saints II
– Bringing a little extra to the audition process
– Movies vs. TV vs. Stand-Up
– The joys of home ownership
– My TweetFight with @MayorMiller over The Guy Asleep At The Switch

Soap Box Topic This Week: Should Coco walk away from network television into the future of broadcasting?

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1 Comment
  • Shell

    Can I just say ‘giggle’? Aaron is brilliant! And he even makes you look good Todd! (just kidding).
    Not really sure what the new mixer brings to the table, but I feel like I should say money well spent.
    “was that an old Tupac album?” Priceless.
    I don’t know if I’d say that Conan is funnier than Leno – they’re very different comics to me. I think I still love Letterman most – well, second to you TVA 😉
    One of these days I’m going to take some time away from the old grindstone and come down to witness the birth of the podcast. Just once, I’d like the guest to be able to say “oh THAT Shelley – she’s so great” instead of “Who??”
    Thanks again for the laughs gentlemen. As always, you’ve made my week.

    January 28, 2010 at 4:24 pm