Show, Podcastery, NXNE, and More…

Show, Podcastery, NXNE, and More…

So, it has been a while, and I apologize, but it has been stoopid busy. How busy? Well, as you can see I’ve given up on caring about my spelling. So, it’s worse than we thought.

Few shows coming up, most importantly a fundraiser show on Thursday, June 21/12 @ 8:00pm @ Cadillac Lounge in Toronto. The show is called Laugh & Live’r which is a fundraiser for comedy legend Mike MacDonald who is in desperate need of a liver transplant. You can donate to the cause directly by clicking HERE.

For my performance dates, simply go to the website and look at the ‘Upcoming Shows’ column on the left, including a live ep of the podcast at Comedy Bar with Jimmy Pardo.

As for the podcasts, we most recently were invited to NXNE to “rapid podcast” where we would go in and interview people at the conference centre and then post the shows that night. And we did that and it was absolutely awesome. We’d like to thank NXNE for having us down there and talking to some great people. In total:

Jon Mick, The Futureless, K Trevor Wilson, Evan DesMarais and Mark DeBonis
Patrick Joseph, The Vibrating Beds, and Ben Miner
Paper Lions, F&M, and Rhiannon Archer

As well, we had some others including some live shows you should check out at Comedy Bar in Toronto. Namely:

– My vocal doppelganger Kerry Griffin
– Comedian and magician David Acer
– “Stop Podcasting Yourself” podcasters Graham Clark and Dave Shumka
– Long-time friend and funny fella Denis Grignon
– “Top Chef Canada” contestant Todd Perrin
– Live show with Ryan Belleville
– From the US of A, comedian and fellow mathie Myq Kaplan
– Another live show, this time with the fantastic Lauren Ash & Leslie Seiler
Derek Forgie confirms why he’s a regular guest

These episodes and more can be found at COMEDY ABOVE THE PUB.

And please make sure you come to our recordings of ‘CATP-LIVE!’ at Comedy Bar the last Sunday of the month!

Check back here for regular updates to my performance dates as well.

Thanks all!


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