Show Day

Show Day

So my lavish night out at the after-show receptions? All the craziness? The hobnobbing? The self-promotion? Naw. Stayed in, had steak (and yes…off the “barbie”), great Australian wine, and played Cranium while watching Aussie Rules Football. How fantastic is that? I also figured that my time would be better spent resting for the days ahead and the big one today that will be trying to get folks to the show. Hooked up with Mike Sheer and Matt Romot yesterday to suss out some cursory details on how to get folks into a show. It ain’t easy. Especially since the first show is on a holiday weekend. Yay. So this is how it breaks down.

Yesterday began my campaign of postering terror on Melbourne. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will be spending the rest of my days walking around Melbs with a stack of posters and a roll of tape. Anywhere there’s blank space, you’ll see me trying to rope you in with the lure of seeing Titus Malcolm…whoever that is. I’ll also be flyering. Began that onslaught yesterday as well, handing out flyers to folks and telling them about the show. So we’ll see how that works. Long story short, that’s how the day goes. You poster, you flyer, you do the show. It’s going to be a slog. Next week will probably kill me with the row of four consecutive shows. We’ll see I guess.

Oh, a note on yesterday’s postering. They say that you can get five seasons of weather in one day [Stop butchering Crowded House lyrics! – “H!ITVA! Ed.], and yesterday it went from sunny to threatening rain, but all the while the gale-force winds hit. And they were dandy. Wasn’t one poster that was put up that didn’t result in some chasing of it down the way.

BOB’s call was pretty uneventful and no one swore on air, so that’s good. Next week their call will come a half-hour after my show. Then you’ll hear profanity.

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