While sitting in the airport waiting for my flight, it hit me. What kind of world do we live in when I can hop on a plane, cross an ocean, and then mere hours later watch Rangers take a 2-0 win over St. Mirren. An effing great one!

Landed in Glasgow and found my way to my buddy’s brother’s place where the season ticket drop-off for the Rangers game was made. Discovery number one: What’s better than having a friend to go to the match with in Glasgow? A friend who drives cab in Glasgow and is around the corner from where you are. Brilliant! A quick trip to East Kilbride (Isn’t that the other way? Yes. Yes it is…) had us in the company of other Bears at the Montgomery and then packed onto a bus and beers to Ibrox. Meanwhile, I was becoming known as the ‘Stand-Up Canadian’. Meh. I’ll take it.

I missed a good chunk of the first half buying my ticket for the European Game against Red Star Belgrade on Tuesday. Aopparently I was the smartest one in Ibrox as the first half was said to be hard to watch at best. Second half much better with the new guy Cousin scoring. 2-0 win and life is sweet. Bovril and Scotch pie never tasted so good.

It also looks like shows are sorted for Monday and Thursday. Hoping to see Jim Park the organizer of a show at Jekyll&Hide tonight to sort out other shows and the like. This’ll be the first time seeing Jim so I’ll know what I’m in for on Monday at Black Bo’s. Really have no idea what the show will be like. It could be the likes of Spirits, or it could go the likes of an empty night at Ein-Stein’s where those playing pool pause only to yell at you and throw chicken wings. You never know. Saw some stand-up last night as part of a political show. They do political over here. And well. The four guys on the show were all solid and more to the point, funny. I would have put it down to utter and complete sleep deprivation, but everyone else around me was giggling. Looks like my work is definitely cut out for me here. Question, open with my bit on the TTC, Tim Horton’s, or my comparison of Wade Redden versus Mats Sundin. So many decisions to make. Each and every one of them…bad.

More deets as events warrant.

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