“Off The Road Again” or “Reviews In Time For Closing Night”

“Off The Road Again” or “Reviews In Time For Closing Night”

When you’re on the road, away from home, and have three or four days between shows. There’s much that traveling comics get up to. Don’t kid yourself. It’s wild. There’s chocolate powder to add to milk. There’s scouring the TV looking for any and all of the “Law and Order” franchises. But there being nothing recognizable in the world of Australian granular chocolate-flavoured milk additives (what exactly is “Krazy Koala’s Choco-Roo Malty Mix”?), and Australia seeming to only like the “L&O: Trial by Jury” shows which plays on a series-long loop just after the cricket results, it’s hard to find the healthy mix of debauchery and relaxation that you need.

Cue Thursday’s post show. Hooking up with Kristian Reimer, we made our way to the late, late comedy show where Patton Oswalt hit the stage for his first of four shows in the festival. Before lending his voice to that of a Gordon-Ramsay-esque rodent he man has been doing comedy for nigh on 25 years and it shows. It showed what comedy could be and should be about. I hadn’t seen anything that more affirming since one of my pals in England loaned me a copy of Ricky Jervais’ “Animals” stand-up show. Again, completely life affirming. It showed me what comedy could be about and where I’d like to take my own comedy. Writing and re-writing appear to be in my future. But for now, I’m stuck with jokes about dogs not making toilet when it’s cold. Who says there’s no room for growth?

The road trip to Sydney to completely tourist it up was way too short for its own good. Sydney is a fantastic city with much to offer. It’s like a wicked tidy (outside of the two roaches on the streets in plain view) New York with a strong ocean presence. The day was basically walk around, look at things, repeat. A healthy dinner and a long road back made me want to spend way more time there than was originally afforded.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the roadkill down here is way more exotic. Back home you see the odd skunk, raccoon, even a deer if you’re lucky. But when’s the last time you’ve heard someone say “Eww! Dead kangaroo!” Not often.

I’m off to flyer the snot out of my last two shows. Apparently I have a reviewer coming tonight. Which is great news. The review will be in place Wednesday, which puts it juuuuuuuuust in time for my last show of the run. Well, better add more chairs. Or remove them, depending upon the review. Watch this space.

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