News About McVeigh’s – Looks Like I’m Hosting Now

News About McVeigh’s – Looks Like I’m Hosting Now

Hey, all.

I owe you a review on Florida, and there have been some lessons learned, let’s say, but I felt you should know about this breaking news in advance.

There’s been a bit of a change-up recently and I thought that even though I’m not in town just now, I should put something out there to let you know what’s going on.

Firstly, as of Thursday, February 26th, I’ll be taking over as the host of the comedy night Thursdays at McVeigh’s. I’ve hosted this room as a substitute for several evenings over the past while, and it looks like I’m going to be continuing for good in this capacity. I’m going to be working very hard with the staff and ownership at McVeigh’s to help make the night a continued success. It is my hope that the room will be as successful as it was during the past two-and-a-half years that Laura Prosko ran it. Under her guidance it became one of the best places to perform in the city, and I hope that this continues.

In the short term, there won’t be that big of a change-up. I still hope to ensure that the room is a place where the audience feels comfortable and the comics are set up for success in their attempts to bring new work or works in progress to the stage. McVeigh’s has always had that and I don’t what that to change. As always, all different types of comedy are welcome.

In terms of timing, the shows will remain on Thursday nights, in the upstairs bar at McVeigh’s, show time will start at 9:00pm, cover charge will remain $5.00 with comics performing or wanting to watch able to get in for free. I’m also going to look at getting some give-aways every night so, we’ll see how that goes. That may be a longer-term goal, but it is a goal nonetheless.

For our first night on Feb 26th, I’ve asked some comics to come out for the event. I will have some walk-up spots but I won’t know how many until later in the night. I will offer these up in a lottery-style. So please feel free to come down for this night.

In terms of future shows, I’ll be booking all spots in advance, 8 spots or so per show. There may be a spot or two available for walk-in, but I’ve not determined that yet. I’ll let you know as soon as those details are confirmed.

If you would like a spot, please don’t message me through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, Flubber, Snkrdüdl, or any other social networking site. I have created a new email address for the purposes of bookings at McVeigh’s. To get on the show, please email me at

[email protected]

Thanks to all for your initial support. It’s greatly appreciated, and I will do my best to make the room a success and do it proud.

See you out there.

  • CJ McCarroll


    On the 27th let me know what your wish list is for give aways..I have friends at different places who are willing to donate corporate swag/trinkets to hit the target demographic (Marketing 101) – telus, jvc, ibm, apple, carnival tours, and some other places are on the list….maybe , some heavy iron for a pro show or something in the summer in conjuction with the Just For Laughs would bode well…I will bark down the line to Peter Vassil VP HR at JVC Canada to see what they will depart with ……..

    Now ……Blanchard , Paterson, Hope and the whole fucking comedy community have been on your Podcast to give their rendition of the main event…WHERE IS MY CHANCE …hmmmm ? But Charles have no radio experience!! ….How about 1977 CKLN 88.1 with Al Joynes, in the bowels of Ryerson ..with yup Al Joynes…I was a production assistant – he interviewed Jeff Plueman aka Nash the Slash….Jeff had THE BEST black hash….we used an erlinmyer flask (grade 10 chem) anyone …. filled with chilled vodka & crushed ice — while doing super tokes through a gas mask….no shit sherlock….so many, many moons agao……..stuff like that should remain in the vault….I think we ate an extra large pizza in three bites on the way home….

    You are the bestest Todd…see you the 27th — lips sealed on the above please – no need about the podcast, my sordid pre marriage and in between marriages is best left unsaid…The guy you want on is Rob Sandolowich- VP Westbury Sound – they supply the gear for the Killers world tour ,a slew of other bands, religious crusades, and the Adult Entertainment Awards in VEGAS, VEGAS, VEGAS! (some when say BOOBIES????)…Rob is a childhood friend that used to own Betty’s – as the Betty Ford Clinic – he can tell you stories about the R & R world going back to 1980 when he was doing sound for the Blushing Brides Rolling Stones cover band…New Years 1981 Barrymores Ottawa – bennies/black hash/impressionable 17 year old girls with unlimited supplies of orgasms ,that could suck start a black hole……oh my –

    Enjoy Florida and see you the 27th , mum’s the word on the stuff above….cool ? Now go forth garner a colleciton of tan lines….


    February 22, 2009 at 10:21 am
  • Al Joynes

    Charles—My gawd—how are you? Great memory right down to the erlinmyer flask lol…! Love that stuff I guess I should write it all down someday…AJ

    March 14, 2009 at 8:17 am