New Season Starts Soon!

New Season Starts Soon!

Hey, all.

Just a quick word about the upcoming Season 2 of Comedy Above the Pub. We’re back on Friday, Feb 4th with a great pair of guests.

We closed off strong as well with great episodes with Kevin Brauch, Dave Paterson, Nile Seguin, and Ryan Belleville. Make sure you go back and check it out.

Couple of other pieces of news. Firstly, we’re still waiting for the renovations to be completed at McVeigh’s, so it looks like the end of February/beginning of March before we get going on anything again. Stay tuned and I hope to have normal service resuming soon.

As well, with Mike Reid moved to mornings at the Drive-FM in Kingston, the TVA Radio Replay is on haitus for a while. If and when we get back, we’ll fire up the feed and get you some new content.

Else, hope to see you soon at the live dates!

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