Music, Please.

Music, Please.

So, I’m thinking of trying something new just now. Why? Because I have so many other great projects that will never see the light of completion, so why not do another?

A while back, at the behest of my brother (a fellow SoundCloud user) I picked up the application Figure by the good people at PropellerHead. It, like so many other great applications that take something really complicated that only true experts devoting the 10,000 hours can do and condense it down to an application so that your mom can produce the next Chemical Brothers album.

Why not? Instagram turned everyone into a photographer. Vine turned everyone into a short film director. Twitter turned everyone into an asshole.

So, I thought to myself, why not try and put out music on a regular basis? I had one killer track that got lost on my phone when it died, so this has motivated me to try and save the work I do more regularly and put it out. On my SoundCloud page, I’ve put up my initial efforts.

Here’s a couple to start, outside of the initial loops that I crated trying to figure all of this out:

This first one I did as the exit music for the Every Four Years podcast.

This one I did as soon as I figured out that the song I had created a while back floated out onto the ice floe with my old, dead phone.


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