Media Stir, and Magical Guests

Media Stir, and Magical Guests

Hey, all.

So, I don’t know if you heard what Toronto mayor Rob Ford suggested that we do, but he came up with a fantastic plan to battle Toronto graffiti. He suggested that people call ‘911’ to report it. “That wouldn’t cause any bother at all,” I thought. So I sent the tweet ‘”I don’t like the song that’s playing on the radio!”‘ and set up the new hashtag “#new911calls”.

I had no idea that it would have the traction it did. Suddenly the hashtag is trending nationally on Twitter. Then The Grid magazine in Toronto picked up on the story.

Next thing I know, I got a call from The Torontoist for an interview on social media. I was shocked and honoured. The results can be found here.

Thanks to both TheGridTO and Torontoist for their time and shout-outs, and in particular Jaime Woo for reaching out.

As well, thanks to all the folks who showed up for the following recent episodes of Comedy Above The Pub:

Sharilyn Johnson slides by to talk about comedy, blogging about it, and her Fringe show, “An Inconvenient Truthiness”
Nick Beaton and Steve Scholtz come for a chat before they take off for shores anew
Food Network star Massimo Capra comes over for a great chat on food, comedy, and arses in restaurants

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Aaaaaaand, click HERE to bring one of the best acts in the world JIMMY PARDO to Toronto.

Thanks, all!

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