Football Double Dose

Football Double Dose

Hospitality abounds in Aus. It oozes out of every pore down here like sweat from George Costanza defusing a bomb in a sauna while eating Kung Pao chicken. Case and point yesterday. I hit the train for the football match yesterday (Richmond v. Collingwood if you’re wondering, and I know you are) and sat reading my book minding my own business. In entered a whack of Collingwood (Magpies) fans. I figured I’d follow them to the match since they’d probably know where they were going. Cut to 20 minutes later where they snuck me into the Melbourne Cricked Ground and directed me to the Members area behind the goal where we had access to the bar and pie shop immediately. Wicked cool and I thank you tons.

Cut to 20 minutes after the match and they funneled me into a pub called the Cricketers Arms, or the Rugby-Thug’s Shin, or something like that. The place is choked with football fans, mainly Magpies, who fire up the team song, sing loudly, and partake in a frothy beverage known in some circles as ‘beer’. Tasty beverage that.

Caught up with Kristian Reimer and had a pot or two with him and then headed for dinner at the Charles Dickens pub who boasted the Dundee Utd v. Rangers game at 11:30pm. Dinner consisted of what’s termed a hamburger, which I would term a massive burger patty on toast covered by a fried egg. Don’t scoff or knock until it is tried. So, long blog short; Magpies won, Rangers drew in a 3-3 constantly-come-from-behind match, and I cabbed home and slept in.

Tomorrow is Singapore.

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