Episode 70: “Palin’s Trash”

Episode 70: “Palin’s Trash”

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Music: Bamm Diddley by Woodfish

Gentlemen –

I appreciate the personal welcome in episode 69. Congratulations on
keeping the show going and evolving for so long. Hats off to you!

Regarding the topic of “the podcast is great when you have absolutely
nothing to do”, tell Blanchard I DO bring books on flights, but I use
the podcast while I read to block out fellow-passenger noise.

I used to listen to music on flights, but found myself singing along,
resulting in reprimands by flight attendants (except one – I think his
name was Blaine – who smiled and winked at me, but that’s another
story….). Using the podcast is great, because there is no risk of
singing. Or laughter, for that matter……

Oh, and Darcy, not sure if you’ve tried this, but when doing remotes
with the H2, just put it on something soft – like a towel or a folded
up jacket or Todd’s head or something. Keeps the spiking down on the

Thanks for the entertainment.

Your Newest Listener,

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