Episode 53: Young People Fishing

Episode 53: Young People Fishing

Absolute Comedy, Toronto
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Music: Neon Sex People (Mashuptown.com) by Instamatic

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  • Agata

    So I have to tell you guys, I agree with Shelly. Episode 52 was probably the worst I’d ever heard. It lacked structure and content. I did listen to this weeks # 53 and it was better. In my opinon and take it for what it is worth..one of the strengths you guys bring to the show is your ability to debate/converse about a more recent event/issue. Episode 52 you couldn’t seem to get on a topic, a little too much goofing around and from a listener point of view it was much like how Todd felt watching “Into the wild”. Can I have that hour back please – I know a little harsh. Today’s show was more structured and the bit on human rights would rank near the top of this show. And probably one of the most interesting bits i’ve heard recently on the Pod Casts.

    One of the best podcasts you guys did was # 48. The bit on google docs was very entertaining and a clip of Todd’s show was a nice change. It was very funny to hear how Todd interacts with the audience. It probably had the best Titus intro as well. The banter back and forth between the to of you brings a lot to the show. That is lost a little when Dave is on. I think you should have Dave join for parts of the show – maybe have a special guest section to discuss some of the topics instead of the whole show to balance what he can bring to it, without losing the dynamics you guys have on it together. Just some food for thought.


    July 4, 2008 at 1:18 pm