Episode 52: “Funnyboots”

Episode 52: “Funnyboots”

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This week we transition gracefully through such topics as: deodorant, Todd’s segment on BOB’s Breakfast, Sanford and Son, Indochina, Todd’s segment on Drive FM with Reid, audio editing, PCH, Titus‘s answer to Shelley’s question about Pride Week, Funnyboots, bad gay ribfest jokes, The World’s Sexiest Comedian?, useless shownotes, Simon Rakoff misspelled, George Carlin, breastfeeding, grocery stores, fun with dead animals, Rockford Files, Matlock and Quincy mashup, Lansdowne Fair gets the TVA Talk Show, and Gay Bar.

Thanks to our guest Dave Paterson (davepaterson.ca) and Shelley for her question for Titus and her kind words about last week’s show.

Music: Down at McDonnelzz (PMN) by Electric Six

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