Episode 46: “Piping Hot!”

Episode 46: “Piping Hot!”

mmm... beer
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Another long show this week, and Darcy is too lazy to edit, so the “Explict Tag” is on (NSFW).

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In this episode:

Titus takes over as the new host of the rebranded (The Very Amusing) TVA Podcast.

Amanda’s question for Titus: “Hey Titus, I hear you drink 50. Some of my friends say it’s best to drink 50 warm. Do you drink it warm? Are there any bars in Toronto that will serve 50 warm?”

Have a question for Titus? [email protected]

Todd on BOB’s Breakfast (Ali’s birthday top 10)

We take Todd back and ask listeners for help coming up with alternative “TVA” titles (ie: Toronto’s Vegan Authority).

DSC 753 anyone know the artist? Someone in the show comments lets us know: Akala

Never Not Funny is aptly named and worth the $19.99 USD for each 6 months of the “primo”.

The Drive With Reid (Todd and Mike discuss the May two four)

Jimmy taking over for Conan

The Late Shift: Letterman, Leno, and the Network Battle for the Night by Bill Carter

Show notes will now appear in the lyrics section of the mp3 files. Poke Todd in the head if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Twistori.com came up when we were off-air. Fun use of Twitter.

Music: Abatina (PMN) by Kobo Town

Here’s the video for the song Todd was talking about hearing on the DSC…

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