Episode 41: “SpongeTodd’s Underpants”

Episode 41: “SpongeTodd’s Underpants”

SquareTodd Underpants
We have no Skype call this week, but we have a couple tunes and the regular radio segments. We pay tribute to “The Lock” with a compilation of the best of intros for TVA, and Todd shares his tip for keeping “things” dry and cozy. Thanks for listening!

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Music: Dirty Work (PMN) by Munk
and Out Of My Head (PMN) by Mobile

  • Shelley

    Hey Darcy – nice work with the podcast, even without the main man. I will admit, though, that the banter seems to be a little lacking of late….. oh wait. I get it. You need someone to banter WITH.
    Hey! TVA! Get your butt back on skype before you lose your only listener! 🙂

    April 11, 2008 at 9:50 am