Episode 26: “Happy Birthday Sam! … And A Resolution of Sorts”

Episode 26: “Happy Birthday Sam! … And A Resolution of Sorts”

So, we here at HeyIt(‘)sTVA have done our now, what, 26th episode or thereabouts on BOB-FM, and I’ve come up for air once in a while to fire up a cute video or some song or other that I found on YouTube and have somehow lost the ability to actually write something on here. And many have said to me, “Yeah, Todd. The website. Remember when you used to do reviews of shows and stuff? And now you don’t? What’s up with that?”

Sorry folks for the apparent sloth (it is the easiest of the seven deadlies you know), but it’s been a bit busy just now. I endeavour to do more of this in the coming months and the year to come. So now I can bore you not only with audio, but also with the regular text that you’ve become comfortable with in our time together.

One quick review I’ll give out was the ROFL2007 show put together by Deep (just a guy). Just a guy as may be, but a guy that can put together a bang-up show at Theatre Passe Muraille and fill the joint. Nice work sir, can’t thank you enough for the opportunity. Nile Seguin hosted and did a fantastic job, Rachael Peters ate fire (literally and not figuratively like I do in Burlington from time to time), Azed and Trevor sketched it large, the AsIsSyndicate improved it huge, Ben Mathai and Deep joked it up and I loved being a part of the show. So, there. A review of sorts.

Thanks to everyone who subscribed / listened to the show this year and hope to see you all out there in the new year!

All the best in 2008!


Music: “Woodstock” by Alice Smith

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