Episode 151: David Tsonos

Episode 151: David Tsonos

Welcome to episode #151 of the TVA Podcast.
David Tsonos
In this week’s episode, we welcome David Tsonos!

Join me, David, and Producer Darcy as we talk about:

– David’s first tour of duty headlining
– Movies that we’ve all seen independently but haven’t all seen together
– The great-and-not-so-great movies about stand-up comedy
– The trainwreck that is Comics Unleashed
This guy
– The rest of this great country and how it’s fantastic to perform in different places across it

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  • Shell

    The Jamie Lee Curtis tv show you were looking for was called Anything But Love. If you can believe this, it actually ran for 4 seasons.

    As enjoyable as David is, I have to argue with him regarding the red meat thing. Bring on the dead cow/pig anytime as far as I’m concerned. BBQ is the absolute best way to enjoy red meat.

    My first PC was a commodore 64. It even had a tape drive. Suddenly, I feel really old.

    Thanks for skipping the simpsons question of the week. I do miss hearing Kevin’s voice though…..

    August 12, 2009 at 3:31 pm
  • tva

    Miss Kevin’s voice? Wait until next week.

    I should bring back the SQOTW just out of spite.

    Thanks for the kind words as always.

    And know this, if there was a way that I could move heaven and earth to make the font size of these comments bigger, I’d be committing to that task in the coming months.

    August 13, 2009 at 12:29 pm