Episode 111: Barry Taylor

Episode 111: Barry Taylor

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In this week’s episode, we welcome CFNY DJ, funnyman, and friend of the podcast and Toronto comedy as a whole, BARRY TAYLOR!

In this episode we talk about:

– Exactly how he got onto the radio in the first place
– Some of the acts or homeless people that he has to interview and why they should bathe
– Go head to head with music chat (Spoiler Alert: Hot hot nerd action)
– We introduce the concept of the Top 5 List
– We go through our mutual love of Salad King while I finally explain why I’m all not about this guy

Music: “Turn Off Your Radio”, by my new fave German ska band beNUTS

1 Comment
  • hey, thanks for the plug! I’m just listening right now, so I rushed over to the group to see how many members we’re at and it’s all the way up to….seven.
    C’mon people! it’s all in good fun. Feel free to add your own.

    and, really, I didn’t “invent” the concept, just trying to make the fun live on. I loved those conversations about top 5 things that they had in the old record shop.

    You could’ve read my list, too. Wouldn’t offend me. It is, after all, on a public group on Facebook, accessible to anyone who has a FB account.

    February 20, 2009 at 2:56 pm