Episode 107: Kevin Brauch

Episode 107: Kevin Brauch

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Darcy, Kevin and TVA
In this week’s episode, we welcome host of “Thirsty Traveler” and “Iron Chef America” KEVIN BRAUCH!

In this episode we talk about:

– Some of our favourite whiskys and beer (what else did you think we’d talk about?)
– Life in the UK and touring around
– Local Toronto bars and beers
– The new episodes coming up on Thirsty Traveler
– Life on Iron Chef America
– We get a call (we believe) from Adam Pearce from Fielding Estate Wineries (coming soon to a bumper near you)
– Darcy has to suck it up while we talk about the favourite soccer teams of Kevin as well as my team.

Music: “Meet Me at the Bar” (PMN), by Beer Drinking Fools

  • Wow, I learned a lot about Iron Chef. If only I’d seen more than one episode.

    Cranberries are also grown on the west coast. And, there’s a thing called high bush cranberries that grow out here on the prairie (yes, that’s what they’re called. There’s also a low bush variety – can you guess the difference?). Not really a cranberry but it tastes similar and makes great jelly (smells like old socks when you cook ’em, though).

    That Icelandic drink sounds like extra strong gripe water. Yeah, Todd, I know you don’t have kids so you’re wondering what I’m talking about…it’s got dill extract, sodium bicarbonate and a bit of alcohol (only 5%), to help settle a baby’s stomach and, presumably, put them to sleep (you only give ’em a teaspoon or two).

    you can’t go wrong with a good Islay. never had bruichladdich (sp?). Laphroaig tastes like iodine to me – don’t ask me why. My personal fave is Talisker – like the salty sea taste (w/out the extra iodine taste). got to tour their distillery back in ’97. If you’re back in Edinburgh, try Cadenhead’s – they do single cask bottlings.

    So, were you drinking it neat or watering? I’d like to have heard Kevin’s opinion on that.

    February 4, 2009 at 5:13 pm
  • tva

    Laphroaig is like iodine? it’s all the salt. Good for some, but not everyone, I agree.

    We did it neat, but I tend to drop water in it to “release the hounds”. I’ll let Kev comment on the quality/sacrilege of adding water. Again…just a drop.

    And how did I know you were going to comment on a podcast that concerns itself with whisky? Huh? How did I know?

    Thanks for listening, Kirbs. You’ll like episode 111. Circle Feb 17/09 on your calendar.

    February 5, 2009 at 5:45 pm
  • yeah, I water my whiskey too (and I’m physically incapable of spelling it without the ‘e’, even though I know the official Scottish spelling doesn’t have it. It just doesn’t look right to me, like universities that use enrolment instead of enrollment – even your blog shell checker wants 2 l’s! All this wanton dropping of letters, it’s anarchy, I tell you! anarchy! pronounce this word for me ‘judgment.’ How, by any rules of English, is there a ‘j’ sound in the middle with that spelling? No wonder people who are learning English as a second language think it’s totally fubar’d.)

    But I digress 🙂

    I water, too (not ice, though. Ice bad!). And many years ago, when my lovely wife and I were touring the highlands, I saw water jugs on all of the pubs there, specifically for adding a splash to your shot. I’ve read some places that say that you should go as high as half water, to reduce the anesthetic effect of the alcohol so you can taste it.

    February 6, 2009 at 10:54 am