Episode 100: “Piggy-back me naked to work”

Episode 100: “Piggy-back me naked to work”

100 Episodes!
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Thanks to Stephen and Shelley for the emails.

Here’s Shelley’s comments on episode 99:

I’m loving the music discussions.

I’m with Dave and Double Scotch – Cold as Ice is great.

Must admit, I’m in complete disagreement with all of you regarding the Eagles. I absolutely love them and will never turn them off.

Aqualung can go drown itself.

The Steve Miller band is great but Abracadabra is horrible.

Queen’s music is almost ALWAYS way too overplayed – everywhere.

And while I normally turn up Sweet Home Alabama when I hear it (which isn’t nearly as frequently as it used to be now that I don’t have a radio in the office), Kid Rock has kind of ruined it for me by sampling it on EVERY freaking album he puts out! Not to mention his recent release which is all about the song! AAARRGGGHHH

There is a great Billy Joel song called Angry Young Man. The piano work is fabulous.

Actually, you can say a lot of bad things about Journey. The sappy romantic ballads and over played-ness of the whole thing….. Just hurt me.

Lyrically, Dust in the Wind is pretty cool. I saw Kansas with Styx a number of years ago – and all I wanted to do was pierce my ear drums.

Warren Zevon has some amazing other stuff – they just never play it….

Almost anything Boston does should be shot and buried.

I was waiting for you guys to get to Bob Seger. When I was travelling to Texas regularly for work, there seemed to be only one station we could pick up clearly while driving and they were OBSESSED with Seger. We started to refer to the station as the all-Seger-all-the-time channel. VERY annoying.

Never been much of a Floyd fan myself, so I really shouldn’t comment.

BTO is WAY overplayed, especially up here. It’s like there aren’t enough Canadian artists to make up a real playlist.

Can’t stand Radar Love either.

Walk This Way is one of my least favourite Aerosmith songs.

Sorry, but I can’t agree with the American Pie one. I love that song – just not the Madonna version.

Don’t Fear the Reaper can go rot somewhere.

Crocodile Rock still amuses me. Sorry to say….

I actually kind of like the Doors.

I seriously think that most of the classic stuff doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, mostly because I don’t hear much radio anymore. I’m all about the TVA podcast now. :)

Music: My Fantastic Ass by Trey Green (Thanks to Ariel Publicity)

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