Doing Anything Saturday?

Doing Anything Saturday?

In Simpsons episode “Life On The Fast Lane” (7G11), Jacques, the most forthcoming French-speaking innuendo artist to come forward since PePe LePew tried to force Rohypnol down the throat of a female black cat that ducked under the fence of a White-Out factory, prepares for a date with married-at-that-point-and-still-nuptailed Marge. We see him in his bathroom, brushing his lavish Parisian hair thinking aloud, “To the most beautiful moment in life. Better than a deed, better than a memory, the moment… of anticipation!” I completely agree with this sentiment, actually. It’s not the place itself; it’s the journey getting there. It’s not the beers at the top of the mountain’ it’s the walk up it.

That’s exactly how I’m looking at Saturday’s birthday-party-cum-fundraiser, “TVA’s Birthday Bash for Boobies”. Like Jacques, I too am filled with anticipation. I only hope I fare better than he in that the audience doesn’t come to their senses on the way to the Yorkie on Saturday and return home to the arms of their spouses, take them to the parking lot of their work and make sweet, tender love to them for a whole ten minutes. They can do that after I say “Thanks, and good night, everyone.”

The show has had a late addition from the original roster of folks that I’ve performed with and/or provided the city with wonderful facilities to perform in allowing me to pay them back in kind with stage time. The comedian community in Toronto is a community like no other and the support and desire for folks to perform at this event has made me proud to be a part of it. A late addition to the show comes in the form of Irwin Barker who himself is battling health issues. If all goes well, he’ll be there. One of the brightest comics I’ve seen in my career.

The return to Eton House on Tuesday (thanks Rob for coming down and supporting) and Laugh Resort tonight should get me enough fire in the belly to host the show proper. Not that I’ll have much to say. With over 15 acts, I’m not going to get much time to say much of anything, except maybe what the little arrows on the floor mean and which frame is the beer frame.

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