A Really Fun Partnership. Howdy, BiteTV!

A Really Fun Partnership. Howdy, BiteTV!

So, 2013 is now well on the way (Two weeks? That’s about 4% done, so yeah…) and and pretty happy about one of the things that I’ve been afforded.

Many of you will know that I host a weekly podcast called “CATP”, an unfortunate acronym standing for “Comedy Above the Pub”. We’ve had a ton of great successes and we’re closing in on the end of our fifth season. We’re pretty happy. In fact if you go to this posting on the podcast website, you’ll see the official written post on a great partnership we have with BiteTV

You can find our page on BiteTV HERE.

This partnership is still in its infancy and I couldn’t be happier with our ability to provide content for this already burgeoning comedy channel that provides original content on their television channel and fantastic web series. To be able to lend our support and provide them our audio is wonderful.

I’d like to personally thank BiteTV for this opportunity and I am totally looking forward to working with BiteTV on this and other projects in the future.

Not a bad start to 2013!

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