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Episode 010 : Victor Varnado

Welcome to Okay, So Here’s One!: A Podcast Celebrating Street Jokes, hosted by Todd Van Allen. This week we welcome comedian and actor Victor Varnado! Victor is a great actor and comedian who has been on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He also has a...

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Conservatives Aren’t Funny

Don’t get mad at me. If Christopher Hitchens can say women aren’t funny and continue to get book deals, then I can say that. Where’s my proof? You only need to go as far as Mike Huckabee’s Twitter feed to really stare down the barrel...

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At around 10pm last night, my wife asked me why I seemed down. And I was. I wasn’t “Can’t Pay the Mortgage” down, or “[Favourite Sports Game Team] Suffering Crippling Loss to [Least Favourite Sports Game Team]” sad, or even “Lost eBay Auction for ‘The GoGo’s ‘Vacation’ Whiskey Tumbler Set'” depressed. David Letterman’s last show was about to take to the airwaves and it was to end an era. After 33 years and 6028 shows, he fiddled with his last two-erasered pencil, signed off, and walked out the way he came in. He was and is the same gap-toothed, self-effacing charmer that really had no business being there in the first place. He made his mark and let the people come to him. Everyone I’ve talked to about this had their rituals around watching his show. Mine was this.