Three Strikes

Three Strikes

Two potential shows this week and I couldn’t make it out to them. That is the textbook definition of absolute suckage. And it gets better.

One of the promoters of one of the great rooms in Toronto, Brian Coughlin, is promoting a show that I’d love to be at as well. But it’s Friday and I won’t be in town. Such is the life.

It’s a show called “Bye Bye W!” (I’ve taken to calling it “Bye Bye Dub!”, my smallest of small shout-outs to the Everly Brothers) and is at Second City Toronto at 11:00pm on Friday. Why am I hating not being around for this? Here’s why…

Hosted by Kenny Robinson. Great and funny guy. Worth price of admission alone.
Friends Dave Merheje and Tim Golden, whom I’ve had the ability to bring to the stage many a time, are middling. Again, so far, this is a show to be had.
The headliner is Jamie Kilstein from NYC who was part of the “Best of the ‘Fest” in Edinburgh (heard of it?), and a Timeout Chicago “Critics Pick” (and they do know a wee bit about comedy in the Windy).

If not for the three friends of mine on the show, the headliner is worth the miniscule $15 admission. In my opinion anyway.

I can’t go, but definitely go in my stead.

Still cheeses me that I can’t make it. Eff.

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  • Agata

    Sorry you can’t make it cause you have a date with me in Ottawa….

    January 15, 2009 at 8:38 pm