Episode 27: “You Are BOB-Less!”

Episode 27: “You Are BOB-Less!”


Today’s cast is without Bob. As far as I know, I’m not canned. Not yet, anyway. This week welcomes the new crew at Bob. Sam has moved one studio over in the Brockville CHUM offices and is now on the morning show on JR-FM. Looks like a good move for her and I hope she has and continues to have fun there. That leaves the Lock all by his lonesome, so the good folks at CHUM said, um, no, that ain’t happening. So now it appears to be Ali, Chris and the Lock at BOB-FM.

Chris is in the Brockville offices I believe and Ali will be taking over the Kingston duties. I believe in an effort to gel the team a bit, they postponed all segments until next week. So that’s way cool as I’ll be in NYC. Another long distance call for them sadly.

So, what do you get this week then? Darcy and I contemplating how to get people contacting us at either [email protected] or [email protected]. Your pick, really.

Enjoy, folks.

Music: Not on the Radio (PMN) by Geoff Smith


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