September 2009

“How To Shave a Moose With a Ford Focus” or “And I Thought my Set Was the Worst Thing That Happened on Sunday”

The summary of the evening goes like this: I opened a corporate gig for Andrew Grose for some hospitality workers that did not want to have anything to do with me. Thinking that the five minutes I should do should be clean without spritzing left me in front of them not engaged in the show at all. They’d been golfing all day, dealt with 45 minutes of raffle numbers to pick up framed hockey memorabilia, and really didn’t feel engaged at all. Andrew and I took off for Edmonton where we soon hit a moose. The car still drivable we then assisted two people who rolled their pick-up truck into something the size of a Timbit. Crappy night, eh? I know! I should have done more crowd work.

The TVA Radio Replay 2009.09.11

There being no spot from Drive FM, we focus our attention on the BOB segment, where TVA the Macedonian gives out his NFL pics to Ali, Chris, and The Lock. You also get a sample of the upcoming TVA Podcast episode with comedian Mark Bennett! Thanks for...

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Episode 155: Scott McMann

Welcome to episode #155 of the TVA Podcast. In this week's episode, we welcome Scott McMann! Join Scott, me, and Producer Darcy as we chat about: - How to hit women at comedy shows and not get charged by the police (Note: It was self-defence, folks) - The comedy...

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Episode 154: Terry Clement

Welcome to episode #154 of the TVA Podcast. In this week's episode, we welcome Terry Clement! Join me, Terry, and Producer Darcy as we talk about: - The meticulous joys of OCD - Weed - Comedy out west (don't worry...

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