Wow…I Suck…

Wow…I Suck…

I look at the last time I updated my site and it has a show that’s not only almost a month old, but it starts with a room that no longer exists now. Hemingway’s? Dead now. Laura Nikifortchuk did her best with an ambush room full of yuppies in Yorkville and suffered for it. Love Laura to pieces, but damn, some of the folks at that show just needed a serious tending to, and not like koi fish in a pond. I’m thinking billiard ball and sock.

Adam McFawn and I were on the show early, took our beatings and left. It was ugly. Very ugly. What makes four already drunk lesbians in Yorkville even more belligerent? Two full pitchers in front of them. That’s why we booked it. Off to Darrin Row’s room at the Living Well which wasn’t going to be on since most to all of the comics were sitting around drinking There would have been nothing going if it weren’t for the couple that wanted to see a comedy show. They wanted one. We gave them one. Everyone piled onto the stage and gave them a great time. Eight comics, two people, no waiting.

The next night I snuck my way onto a not-so-full Betty’s stage hosted by Dave Merheje where half my time was spent most of my set berating the crowd at Hemingway’s yet bigging up Laura. Enuff about the dead.

This was all prior to July 15th. Told you this was all old. See? Me have major suckage.

Did a quick spot at Ein-Stein’s for Arie Kizel’s birthday. Hope he likes crap because that’s what I brought him. Yay me. The next I was back at Slainte’s in Hamilton for a taping of CBC’s “So You Think You’re Funny”. Everyone had a great time and everyone was funny. But the CBC didn’t think I was. Sadly. Meh…

This lead to me headlining at “Slaves Of Seduction” at the Fun Haus. Loved it. Goth crowd with comics interspersed with strippers. Free beer. Wonderful host in Luke Alberton and a great organizer in his girlfriend Gidget. Awesome time and would do it again in a second.

Two hosting gigs back to back at Ein-Stein’s and Fox and Fiddle. Hosted the Fox for Jason Blanchard as he was up in Ottawa at the most excellent Absolute Comedy club. Night went well but I hate…HATE…turning down comics. Night was running long and I had no choice. Had to tell Gilson Lubin that he had to take a hike. Hated it. Note for the night. Bobby Mair killed it. Set of the night.

Two nights ago I was in Buffalo doing Nietzche’s Bar. Loved the room, loved the wings at the Anchor Bar and the crowd. Got to also travel there and back with John Markey who got me the show. We both did 15 minutes and loved the entire experience. Would work with him any day of the week. Funny freakin’ guy, that John.

That of course led to last night’s roadtrip to Cambridge where Dave Paterson and I drove through crap heat there and crap thunderstorms back to do time in front of eight people at Li’l Big Horn. It’s a Ben Guyatt room and Wes Zaharuk hosting. Good time must say. Truly liked my time on the stage there. It’d be dandy full, but even so, got to make someone laugh. That’s always something. Highpoint of the night? Seeing Doug Funk, a guy that did open mics with me when I was starting out…in university…14 years ago. Haven’t seen him since and now suddenly ran into him in Cambridge. It was worth the drive to Cambridge and I didn’t even have to drive to Galt Chrysler-Dodge first.

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