Working For The Weekend(s)

Working For The Weekend(s)

Two straight Saturdays in a row and success at both. Take it where you can I guess. The monthly room at the Fiddler’s Green known ominously as the Texas Comedy Massacre 2 is produced by a great team. The top room is packed to the point of bursting. Add to this the crowd is paying to see the show with no distraction at all. John Cowitz has done a wonderful job with this room and it should be a room that you support.

Yesterday, I was doing a spot on a river. Gananoque put on a Comedy Cruise with me, Brian Hope, and Andrew Evans. For ninety minutes, the packed main area got to watch the gorgeous islands float by and hear my jokes about murdering your grandparents for thier lottery winnings. As distracting as the surroundings were, the night still worked. Brian rattled the cages appropriately and Andrew closed the show with the stuff that you know he can do. I’m totally looking forward to going back in August.

Possible bad night moment came when two 10 year olds were sat in the back of the room. Let’s just say they’ll be asking mommy and daddy some questions from the back seat of the SUV on the way home.

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