Wicked. Awesome.

Wicked. Awesome.

Just got back from Ottawa after hosting at Absolute Comedy this weekend. I’m bagged tired, but still, the time was amazingly spent. This would also mark my first time hosting for an entire weekend series of shows, so it was exciting for me. Drove up with Dave Paterson and met up with Wynn Reichert, the headliner for the weekend, and booked it to Pub Italia to see Holland not score a goal against Argentina. [Side note: If anyone can come up with a reason why every time I’m performing in Ottawa over a World Cup, Holland gets thrown out while I’m there, I’d love to hear it.]

I discovered very quickly that to fill 15 minutes off the top was going to be difficult…only because I found myself cutting stuff out of my set because it became fairly easy to fill the 15 with usual “Who’s celebrating/Who’s from out of town” stuff. So that in turn freed me up to do other material. I couldn’t believe looking down at my watch after I was done making stuff up on the fly and noting, “Hmmm, I’ve done, like, 13 minutes just now and have to bring someone up just now…What the…?”

The Wednesday Pro-Am show was filled with the usual high-caliber new talent and it gave me the opportunity to finally see Wynn perform. He’s a song satirist which splits his set in two, half conventional stand-up and half music. He proved entertaining and a completely professional showman. He had every audience all weekend and completely deserved the response. A wonderful act to hang with for a weekend. Dave took the stage on Thursday for the first time in front of an Absolute crowd and hit a very consistent stride that saw him become more and more relaxed and more and more animated. It was great to see him comfy. He’ll be asked back for sure.

One thing I found for me. I remember when I first started out and I was watching the hosts on shows, I was always impressed by their ability to come up with things on the fly and parcel out chunks of material between introduced acts. Now I was doing that this weekend and had a decent amount of success, I think. What this does do now is put me into the “You’re now the host” pigeon-hole, but hey, if it gets me gigs, I’m more than fine with it. You’ll just have to see my lame jokes parceled out in easy-to-digest chunks.

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