Why, Oh, Why Can’t They All Be Good?

Why, Oh, Why Can’t They All Be Good?

If someone could explain to me how hosting two different shows on two different nights can be so different, they probably would not be in comedy. The difference between Friday and Sunday is more than just two days. Friday saw me hosting a fundraiser for movie maker Ken Pak whose friend Ben Hur got me the show. We had a total of seven comics on the night with different acts over the night. Ben Hur, Troy Dixon, Dave Merheje, Scott MacRae, Pat Burcher, and Alex Lasarev. Each had differing styles. Everyone in the crowd found someone to laugh at. Food was amazing. The space – the Theatre Centre on Queen West – was astounding to the point that we were thinking about booking the space ourselves for shows. Great time and a pleasure to do.

Sunday saw me hosting Ein-Stein’s…Can you see where this is going? To call Sunday’s show a cage of monkeys would be an insult to all cages filled with faeces-throwing primates everywhere. How good a show is it? Oh, when Mike Ross successfully gets a table of guys ignoring the show to leave. When the crowd near me says “Todd, just get up there and tell us who won the bloody contest.” When the only solid laughs I got were when I stated that I wouldn’t go home to commit suicide, but I’d do it on stage between acts so that the comics would have to move my swaying body out of the way.

What is it they say? You can’t know “good” if you don’t know “bad”? Bet they’ve never been chased out by tubby guys at Ein- Stein’s.

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