Why Is It Saturday, and Why Wasn’t I Informed?

Why Is It Saturday, and Why Wasn’t I Informed?

Standard evening at the Laugh resort in that (a) I had people there contributing to my five, (b) Jim the owner was absent, and (c) had a wonderful time as usual. I was 7th in a show of 8 before Jay Malone closed the show headlining. His new stuff that he’s doing just now is doing really well. Glad I was there to witness it. If you’ve got the time, gumption, and $15 to make your way to the Laugh Resort this weekend, I’d recommend the trip.

The weird part was that the place was packed. Like Saturday early show packed. Like packed so that the bullpen by the entrance was full. Every chair was taken. They eventually had to put up a sign saying ‘Standing Room Only, Sold Out’ on the door. On a Wednesday. The only thing I can think that happened is that either they all came in to get out of the downpour that occurred, or there are that many Jay Malone fans. Let’s hope the latter.

Jay still calls me ‘Van Halen’, which I still find funny to this day. Goes back to one night he brought me to the Laugh Resort stage and introduced me as Todd Van Halen. As I walked up, he stood back waiting for me shaking his head aware of the Freudian slip and apologized to me as he left. No bother. I took the mike and said “Sam Malone, everyone. Let’s keep it going for him. Former alcoholic relief pitcher who turned his life around on Cheers.” Makes me giggle.

Kaori (friend, co-worker, all-round excellent person), Darcy (creator of this website…well, blame him then) and their buddy Jeff came down to make up the numbers for me. The ‘full of swears’ bit that I did at Betty’s on the 3rd I brought back so Kaori could see it since she helped me write it while I was talking to her on MSN Messenger. The bit seemed to work even though I buggered up the middle of it. Ehh, no accounting for talent.

Not sure whether last night will bring me closer to doing weekends at the Laugh Resort or not, but here’s hoping. Now all sights turn to tonight’s hosting responsibilities at Hurricanes where once again I host and bring up everyone in the audience because they’re all comics anyway. If there’s good luck there will be civilians. If there’s bad luck, it’ll just be comics all trying new material who all go over time. I’ll let you know.

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