What…Too Soon?

What…Too Soon?

Still feeling a bit weary, I wasn’t sure just what I’d be doing at the Old York. Hadn’t really put my head into putting the set list together. I knew I had to be there early since Mister wouldn’t be there and hadn’t got the list to Dave the host, so I’d have to sort that out for him. Then the phone rang. Dave’s sick and with Mister out, that meant I was hosting. Kül.

When I arrive, there’s Paul Forsythe whom I’ve not seen in six months. Turns out the reason was that he’d been in an accident as was healing up. Well, if you have to have an excuse…So, the other thing I notice is that not only is Paul there, he’s the only one there, save a drunk guy at the bar throwing out single sentences about his vacation down south to anyone who happens to walk near him like a motion detecting car alarm, and a couple sitting at the back of the room sharing dinner and a pitcher. 20 minutes to show and it’s just Paul and I. Has he got half an hour?

Eventually the place fills up. Megan shows up as per her usual for the night, and then the comics start to trickle in like a badly weather-sealed window. Show starts at 9:15. Show went very well despite the horrible host. Got 14 acts on the show without a break and saw a good chunk of my friends that I’ve not seen in a while. It was the first time I’ve seen Aaron Berg since LA, and the first time I’ve seen Adam since I did his room at Mr. Greenjeans. Which reminds me…his room is closing after this week. He asked me out to do a spot and of all things, I’ve got to wait for the Bay to deliver a couch. Who’s lamer than me? Noooooooobod…no wait. That’s Bad Boy.

Highlights: James Butlin’s new tsunami bit is this side of brilliance. I somehow blurted out a math joke on the difference between Green’s theorem and Stokes’ theorem. Don’t look at me like that, look it up. You had to be there.

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