What The Hell Is It September For Already…?

What The Hell Is It September For Already…?

Unbelievable. Completely Unbelievable. Don’t know what your summer was like but in retrospect, mine seemed completely invisible. I opened the show at the Laugh Resort where Fraser Young headlined and opened his spot with a 12 minute story about being sick. Astounding to watch someone go up and seemingly appear to be yanking the funny right out of his ass immediately and still bring it. Deb DiGiovanni was MCing and as we left the club, we both realized that this summer disappeared faster than a plate of Cinnabuns on the coffee table of The View…though that simile might be someone outmoded since Star Jones is about as popular as George Bush at a…well…anywhere, really.

The boat cruise in Gan went similarly but with a much louder roudier crowd distracted by the islands. Again, not a big thing but something that has to be dealt with. Dave Paterson middled that show and got into his ramp-up to his close…right as a romantically Boldt Castle slid by in the night. Everyone stopped what they were doing, which was listening to Dave, and looked at the castle. First time I’ve ever seen someone’s show ground to a halt by a building. Nile Seguin went up and did two jokes to close the show. No, they weren’t that long… The crowd by the time they saw the castle were in a state of excitement that had Nile just spritzing with the audience for half an hour. Good times. So how do you spend a three hour ride back to Toronto from Gan? You make fun of Don Cherry’s music career. Fire up your google and find Don Cherry’s “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em” song. A song that defines a generation, folks. No lie.

Likesay, Laugh Resort went well. Fraser was hocking albums at the end of the show and Deb and I were off to the side talking about shows and the usual poop that you do. Next thing we know, an audience member approaches us, tells us we’re funny and is looking for an album from us. I think it’s time that I take a page out of Andrew Evans’ book and fire up a wee five minute video with contact info and the like. Can’t hurt.

Off to Buffalo again with Brian Hope. Buffalo wings, booze, and Brian. A great trio if ever I’ve found one.

Roll on Anchor Bar…

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