Well, Corporations Like Me

Well, Corporations Like Me

Friday saw what could have been a nightmare in terms of shows. When you get asked to do a corporate show, at a golf course, where there’s no stage, no lights, a PA system going through ceiling speakers, in broad daylight with open windows, where everyone refers to you as the “entertainment” and you’re eating with everyone before the show, it normally spells out death better than the letters “a”, “e”, “d”, “h”, and “t” ever could.

The intro for me came in the form of “…and now to keep this lunch rolling, here’s…Todd…who’s going to do…what is it…a set?” Yup. Book your coffin now. I hit the stage, sorry, area just beside the podium and fired off some liners about the venue, corporate culture, and the like. The room loved it and I loved the room. The folks from Sungard seemed to have a good time and I loved doing it. Great crowd, attentive, and above all, listeners and laughers. Couldn’t ask for more and I’d do it again in a cocaine heartbeat. Thanks again to all that were there. Stunner of a result.

That was Friday. Sunday saw me at the Old York for the first time in what seemed like ages being able to work again with the likes of Nick Flanagan, Aaron Berg, Dave Paterson, Nile Seguin, Mike Moses, and of course, Mister who hosted. Tried out some new material which was about two-thirds to the good. One good chunk needs to go back to the hoist and fast.

And speaking of new material, that would be the stuff of mine that they weren’t buying at the AltDot for the New Material night. The topic was gambling and my seven minutes of never-tried-before scribblings was greated with six-and-a-half minutes of blank stares save the “No Way I Can Use That As A Guage” cacklings of Crazy Sonya. So at least she liked it. Admittedly, all my fault. I was tired from the night before, not much into it, and have always found the AltDot one of the better rooms but challenging. Me, not up to the challenge and I don’t think that would have been any different with prepared material I was confident with. Always next time…that is if they’ll have me. The material needs another look but I’m sure is salvageable. Add to this that two folks from the corporate show came out to see the wreckage. Ah, well. I think the cheque cleared.

Not the worst day in the world though.

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