Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Back from Ottawa and conscious again. Finally got ‘er done and did Absolute Comedy on the weekend from Wednesday to Sunday and had the amazing time that everyone that’s performed there assured me I would. The staff, the club, the other comics, all wonderful. Add to this the fact that I got to spend the weekend with an old friend (Brian Hope) and a new friend (Barry Kennedy) who all did wonderfully over the course of the weekend. Brian hosted really well each and every night. I had great sets right the way through and Barry? Barry ran threw an entirely different 45 minutes each and every night. And not just 45 minutes, a great 45 minutes. Something we can all strive for.

High/Lows of the Weekend:

– Seeing old friends who remembered me like Jason Laurans, Jeff Tanguay (who I just found out isn’t Rick anymore), Scott McMann, and Brad Lyons

– Seeing old friends who didn’t remember me like Rick Kaulbars

– Seeing the great talent that’s up in Ottawa on the Pro-Am night as well as the openers for the shows.

– Watching Brian onstage desperate for a joke that sounds exactly like the same set-up that he blurted out before the third act on the Wednesday Pro-Am night

– Watching myself try to shoehorn a joke I skipped over on the Friday night into the set. It was as seamless as Joseph’s Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat turned inside-out

– Wednesday night. Pub Italia. Barry. Brian. Me. Subject of conversation: Harold Pinter

– Seeing my folks lose it at Barry’s lighthouse joke on Sunday Amazing trip and I hope to repeat it. Thanks to everyone in Ottawa for reminding me how fun comedy can be. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get my six minutes ready for Thursday at the Laugh Resort that Jim still won’t find funny but everyone else will. Hope five friends show up so I can see the inside of that club before Bastilles Day.

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