Weak End Update

Weak End Update

Not a bad run of shows all things considered. Fallsview went really well if for no other reason I got to work with Gord Paynter for the first time in years. First show filled up about halfway through my set with the crowd being quite attentive. Gord slew the first audience without much bother. The second show was sparse and, well, drunk. So we fought our way through and did well enough in front of the staff. So that’s a seller. Hope to go back.

As for the show at the Honest Lawyer, well, erm, not as good. Randy Hughes invited me, Andrew Evans, Shannon Bell, and Colette Kendall to do a show in St. Catherines that he was hosting. Randy hosting? If you’ve ever seen him perform, you know exactly why you have to be there. I was already looking forward to my intro: “I hate every last one of you people. Your next act…” We gave a lift to comedy voyeur-for-now John Cowitz since he’d seen Randy perform and totally needed to see what was about to go on.

When we showed up, it was brutal. There was no common sight lines for the bar, the sound system was everywhere and the bar did not really set up an area for us to perform. So, yeah, nightmare. Colette went up and bailed. Maybe 14 people that could see us and only six or so were paying attention. She bailed.

I went up to two guys Joe and John who showed up for the show and paid attention. So I played to them and tried out some new stuff. Got them to laugh, so if two can laugh, I’ll see about the Laugh Resort on Thursday. Shannon went up and bailed after calling a table of six “c***s”. So, that didn’t go well. Andrew finished off and took his lumps but still did his time. Either for him or out of spite, he got through it. By the end, Randy was well cheesed by the fact that no one was paying attention and the fact that management didn’t like the language for the proposed “Renegade Comedy” (read ‘Nasty’). It was supposed to be an evening of adult comedy, but shifted to an evening of indifference. Randy raged through the mic at the end to get everyone back (don’t know if that’s onside or revenge) but it wasn’t pretty. All this does is make me look forwarding to Hemingway’s.

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