It’s not often that I get to start my day at 5:15 on a winter’s morning, but today was one of those days. I got to wake up at that beautiful hour to go to the Pirate Radio and Television studios to take part in some ‘Breakfast Television’ broadcasting for CITY-TV. I’d been to Pirate studios before, but it was summer. At the other 5:15. The ‘pm’ one. Jennifer Valentyne was broadcasting from there seeing what goes on at a voice studio while they make commercials, so I got to do voice work with Mike Hanson who has one of the best announcer voices I’ve heard in a while. Very cool. But still, very early.

It brought back a bunch of deja-vu for me as Tracey Hoyt was acting as director for the commercial spots Mike and I worked on. She was the one that coached me there and helped me get my demo together, so I got to work with her again. Cool. Also, the sound technician that ran the morning was Spencer Hall, the guy who produced my voice demo. Doppel-cool.

Throughout the morning Jenn interviewed all and sundry about voice work and stepped in to take one of the parts of our commercial. All in all, a fun morning and I’m just glad I didn’t do what I normally do in situations like this. Ass up the lines something fierce. Typically I do, but this time I actually read them the way they appeared on the page even with cameras rolling. Fantastic. I’ll put that in my contracts from now on. “Must have rolling film crew during taping. And coffee. And water. and koala pizza.”

Two things I learned today:

1) I went to my dentist straight after and discovered that Tracey Hoyt and I have the same dentist.

2) I have now discovered how many of my friends watch Breakfast Television. Lots.

Thanks Jenn for the great mention on the blog. I shall now return the favour. Click on the link below to go to one of the most-read blogs out there. Oh, and thanks Fountain Tire.


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  • MonkeyBoy

    Get some hair, would you? Jeez, you’re blinding me here.

    January 15, 2008 at 6:38 pm