Two Rooms Growing and Worth Knowing

Two Rooms Growing and Worth Knowing

I may just be on to something here. The third night of Comedy Above The Pub appears to be doing okay. A few things here have made me think that we could be getting something right.

Firstly, the bar continues to be supportive, and by “supportive” I mean there’s still cheap booze like Prohibition just got lifted. Apparently $3 goes a long way.

Set up the room and the first paying customer showed up at 8:40. Paying customer! I know! Soon followed was a clutch in the same party that were there to see Marjorie Malpass, a comic grappling with flu and cancelled. But they stayed because a) I assured them that they were in for a dandy show, and b) I was not returning their money. Eff you, you get cheap beer.

The room was packed nicely with everyone respecting the acts, as you would hope. Deb DiGiovanni closed MASSIVELY and brought the night to a satisfying halt (Note: she’ll be on the podcast soon).

I then found another weird thing. People stayed. I’ve supply-hosted at McVeigh’s several times and typically the crowd clears out like I farted after Suicide Wing Nite at the Wheat Sheaf. But they stayed. For a while. Like, a long while. Say what you like, there’s something to be said about cheap booze. In fact, at the time of closing, there were more people upstairs enjoying the post-show than there were in the downstairs main bar. Whaaaa?

But that’s what I’m hoping remains. A good crowd. A pack of comics that want to perform. Comics that just want to stay for a drink and a blether. A room that is a place to be at. The way that Deb closed the show and the way the comics and audience stayed says I may be on the right path

The luck seems to follow me to 905 as well with “Comedy On The Curve” at On the Curve restaurant in Mississauga. Two straight shows with enough numbers to keep going. We actually have regulars now (read “guys that have been to both shows”) and are supportive of the room to the point that they want to put up posters to promote the room in their buildings and offices. This is after the likes of Casey Corbin and Nile Seguin came and delivered the business. Well. One guys said, “I really want to see this room filled.” So do I, pal, and maybe the owners as well might be on that same page.

I’m out of town for the next two weeks so, Jason Blanchard is taking duties tonight at McVeigh’s so I know that’s in good hands. Also, Dave Paterson is covering next week at McVeigh’s and both at On the Curve. So again, hands like All-State when the markets were better.

It appears thus far the only way is up, so that is the direction I will continue to dig.

  • While I am happy to hear of a comedy room doing well I truly hope it is not just due to cheap booze prices and more to do with the quality of the show. You run the risk of having drunks in the crowd that may interrupt the show. Personally, I would ask the club to raise the drink prices at least 25% and give that increase money to the show operator for a budget (on top of the ticket money collected). You’d still have reasonable drink prices and have more money to cover costs. Just a thought.
    From the city where pints under 5 bucks means you are probably drinking in a dive,

    March 22, 2009 at 10:36 am
  • tva

    So far, this isn’t an issue. I’d say the comics are showing up for the cheap hooch, and that’s fantastic as they know how to respect a show, or failing that, know how to shut up lest they not get booked on the show ever again.

    Everyone else has to pay the cover so there’s an added incentive to shut up. The drink specials are an incentive, but the cover still makes people pay attention I find. No issues yet, he says rapping on a tree-trunk.

    March 23, 2009 at 9:29 am